Walking Tours

Walking tours of the “wild javelinas” in the Javelinas de Tubac outdoor art exhibit will be offered twice a month from January through March 2020 before the javelinas are auctioned off on April 4.  The tours will take place in the Village of Tubac and include:

  • information about the origins and history of the outdoor exhibit and of the Village of Tubac
  • viewing of several of the Javelinas de Tubac
  • the opportunity to meet one or two of the artists at the location of the javelinas to learn the inspirations behind their javelina's art, other types of artwork they create, and why they opted to participate in the Javelinas de Tubac exhibit.

The 90-minute tour costs $25/person and will begin at 10:30 am at the Tubac Center of the Arts, #9 Plaza Rd., Tubac, AZ, on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 15
  • Saturday, Jan. 25
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12
  • Saturday, Feb. 29
  • Wednesday, Mar. 11
  • Saturday, Mar. 21

Participants register for the tours by calling Baja Arizona Tours at 520-987-0076.
Tours must have 10 participants to run and are subject to weather.  Refunds or the opportunity to reschedule will be offered if a tour doesn’t take place.